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Red Bird, Oklahoma
Est. 1903
  Photos in this section depicts 'old' Red Bird days and provides a glimpse of the
Town's upstart here in Oklahoma. 
  Photographs were gotten from various local citizens and several advertisements which urged blacks to purchase lots and settle in this  area.
Barber's Hotel on Commercial Street  (Included hitching post.for the horses)
Typical  'cottages'  along dirt roads. This is market street
The Ruffin's  store sold almost everything except meats
Barber shop, quarters in back.. Hair-cuts and gossip in front.
First school in our town (Main Street School)  on Main at Boston. Used for church and funerals aslo.
First school for Red Bird children. Located one mile south of our current city limits. This two mile walk each day prompted the citizens to establish the 'main street school' (pictured top of page)
Citizens secured state funds to build this 'Red Bird Elementary School' in 1913.  A few years later it became our Miller Washington High School, which provided the educational needs of blacks within several miles of Red Bird for more than sixty years. The school was closed in 1976 after becoming a grade school for a few years..
Several citizens of early Red Bird  were instrumental in the  local development and management of the town.  The McGowans
(top row, 4th & 5th photos)  managed  building projects and ran the local telephone exchange office.  The long time Mayor, E. L. Barber (second row, 4th photo) was a great organizer, minister  and business man as well.  Mr. I. W. Lane (third row, 5th. photo)  headed the effort of getting voting rights for blacks in the county (federal court case "I. W. Lane vs Wilson"   -1939). He and Mr. Saub Bradley (photo on Lane's left ) owned and operated  two cotton gins, a grain elevator and farmers/merchandise store.