water which we purchase from the local water district and sell to local residents.

       Welcome to  Red Bird, Oklahoma
          103  South Main Street  -  74458  
   (918) 483-4400
Est. 1903
  ^ Town of Red Bird   ...Main at Boston
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Our currently elected board members:

                           Edna V. Davis
                           Kathleen Borens

                                                                                                             < Mayor, Darryl A Moore II

Dated: Sept., 2021
Red Bird was one of  several all black towns established prior to Oklahoma statehood (1907)
Red  Bird.

 Our  Churches:  Left  to  right  -Shiloh  Baptist, established prior to 1908.   First Baptist,  established before 1900.  Waton Chapel  AME, established before 1910  and   Church of Christ, established prior to 1958. 
  2009 Photo
1951 Photo.
 Above: Our old  "Un-beloved" Jail  from early 1930's through    the early 1950's.  Not used since its last two occupants              escaped  by  "clawing"  through its crudely cemented roof.
Our  landmark water  storage tower. 
Fire Department  Main Building  -Main at Norfolk
 1 -Town Center,  2- First Baptist Church, 3-Waton Chapel CME Church, 4- Church of Christ  and  5 -Shiloh Baptist Church
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